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As a marketing agency, it's probably not common for me to admit that something is more important than marketing itself however having worked with 200+ clients in the last 2 years I've seen the exact same marketing campaign result in success for some clients while for others it's led to failure. 

The difference is what happened after the lead or appointment was generated. 

Some clients had a sales team to follow up after the lead, as well as nurture email sequences (that we sometimes helped them build). They had multiple offers for prospects to create a relationship. They were able to not only get a client short term but create a long-term relationship with the clients that they closed, generating referrals and additional sales opportunities.

To make a more specific contrast:

Client 1: Consultant with only a $500 offer, no recurring sales, and no other offers. Works alone and has no CRM.

Client 2: Consultant with a free, $50, $500, $2000, $20,000 offers, recurring offers, a mastermind, a sales team, an established CRM, and a vendor network to help clients that come in with related offers.

Marketing for Client 1 will likely lead to failure for any business owner. Client 2 on the other hand will likely leverage way more success from any and all marketing efforts.

This is not to say that you shouldn't promote when you're just getting started but a vital part of any company is establishing a business model where you can create clients for life. This applies whether you're in the service or product space. 

For us, we work with all kinds of clients whether you're just getting started, have a small business or you've got a large team and just need an outside audit to see where you or your team may have blind spots and are able to bring the insights we have in our various verticals to you and your business. 

We'll also tell you what we've seen work, what's important, what's not, and when the right time is to work with an agency like us.