5 Biggest Mistakes in Running your Google Ads

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If you’ve been in business for a while and you’re either running Google Ads yourself or you’ve got an agency to do it, you want to make sure that you’re not wasting your money so I’ve listed 4 ways that I’ve seen money being thrown out the window.

1. Not tracking or incorrectly tracking your Conversions

One of the first things that you’ll want to do is track how your ads are working. Are they resulting in leads and conversions? And if this has been set up, are they being double-counted?

Working with a CRM that integrates with your website and Google Ads helps to prevent this from coming up.

The easiest way to check for this is to see what Google is reporting vs what your CRM or database is reporting in terms of conversions. If they match or are close, then you’re good. If not then this is something to review.

2. Location

If your targeting includes locations you can’t serve then you’re throwing money out the window. When I reviewed one prospects account I saw that 40% (thousands of dollars) was being thrown out the window on locations that they couldn’t serve and they came over to me right away and became a client.

Check location in your google ads account to see where your ads are being shown.

3. Not building a relationship or audience

The age of impersonal sales is gone, long live the relationship sale! For B2B businesses especially, now is the time to build a long-term relationship with your clients. The way to do this usually is through video content.

This means that you need to:

a)Have Video Content that’s valuable and helpful
b) Promote this with Youtube Ads to your audience

Don’t just run ads to the bottom of the funnel. It’s important to do that but will cap you out.

4. Not Retargeting

98% of traffic that hits your website will not convert. That’s the traffic you’ve already generated and spent time, money, and effort to get to your site.

Now’s the time to retarget them and follow them with more valuable content to build the relationship until they are ready to convert and join your email list, or reach out to you for your service.

5. Not Using a Service like Clickcease.com

Almost 40% of the entire traffic on the internet is made of bots (both good and bad). What is a bot? It's a software program that operates on the internet and performs repetitive tasks. Often, we can think of Google searching the internet for new pages as a type of bot but there are also bad bots out there trying to steal your information and in this case, waste your money.

Clickcease.com is easy to use and set up. For my clients, it's something that I include as I'm able to bring on a higher tier solution with them and that one change can improve my results by as much as 20-40% compared to the last company someone uses.

And I haven't even mentioned competitors, brand haters, click farms or accidental clicks. All of these add up and waste your money.