Determining which Marketing Agency to Choose

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When it comes to determining which marketing agency to work with there a few factors to consider:

  • Do they know your industry? Or one similar to yours?
  • What are their results? How long have they been getting these kinds of results and how recently have they gotten results either in your industry or one similar to yours?
  • What is their business philosophy? Do their values align to yours?
  • What do the reviews say? How recent are they?
  • What’s their pricing model? Are they being paid whether they get results or not? What is the ROI?

Of the above factors you have to see if the company you’re going to work with delivers results in alignment with your philosophy. You’ll figure this out between their pricing model and with meeting with them.

Personally, I always find that Transparency is a core value of many individuals. That’s why I make sure to show the pricing of our services right on our page.