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Welcome to Revenx Retirement Appointments

Custom Appointments, Delivered.


Getting in front of prospective clients has never been easier.


Program Overview

Get Vetted and Qualified Appointments Delivered to Your Calendar

There are 2 major challenges that anyone who wants to be a success in the financial services space needs to overcome. The first is getting qualified appointments and the second is closing them. These two factors alone can make all the difference.

The Revenx Retirement Appointment is a system that completely solves these problems, and can provide not only custom virtual appointments with interested and vetted people, but also expert training that will allow anyone to get closes so that they can achieve their career goals.


This Program is Ideal for:

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Financial Advisors
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Financial Planners
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Retirement Planners
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Life Insurance Agents


About Our Service

Get in front of prospects who have questions about their pension. They request to meet with an advisor to get their questions answered virtually, then educate them and position the product that helps.

There is no requirement to move your contracts or write business through us – write business wherever you want.

  • You do not pay for cancellations.
  • Average Assets $100k-250k in 403b, 457, 401k, IRA, Roth, etc.
  • IUL opportunity, Term, LTC, Annuities and AUM, opportunity
  • GOOD advisors can add 500k in AUM per month.
  • We'll replace up to 30% of appointments if they no-show.
  • No securities license is necessary.

Our Difference

Get Booked Appointments

Revenx gets you in front of people via a call who have already expressed interest in services and have agreed to an actual appointment. This is miles ahead of just getting lists of names to cold-call through who may or may not be interested. Increase your efficiency and spend more time talking to people who need and want your services and who can be closed.

  • Choose what areas you want to operate in
  • Select the time when you are available
  • Get virtual appointments added to your calendar

It’s as easy as that. No more cold-calling. No more hustling for appointments. Find people easily and conveniently so that you can do what you do best. Best of all, you only pay for appointments.



Essential Training

Learn how to succeed with preset appointments with our Essential Training. Give yourself the edge and get more closes with information, coaching, and more:

  • Access to all 40 + training videos+ many more coming
  • Interactive lessons that ensure you grasp key concepts
  • Recordings of live appointments with commentary
  • PowerPoint presentation that pre-handles common objections
  • Fact finder
  • Access to weekly mentor calls where agents around the country are connected to a Revenx Retirement Expert who can provide guidance and advice on how to make the most out of your appointments
  • Access to 20+ previously recorded open mic mastermind sessions.
  • Access to Revenx group chat where you can get questions answered in real-time 24/7.

The only comprehensive training program available for financial service and insurance leads anywhere.

This program is everything you need A-Z to run and close preset appointments successfully. It has been developed and refined with data from thousands of appointments.



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Agents Served

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What to Expect


Once you sign up our onboarding team is going to connect with you to connect you to our training and get you connected with our Calendly system. If you're choosing states we'll also get the states you've chosen. We'll make sure everything is connected and up and running to add you to the rotation. 

  • First appointments will be booked within 2 weeks of onboarding.
  • On average 60% of the appointments will be 50+ years old. There are multiple opportunities for those under 50 including IUL, Rollovers, LTC, Term etc. as well as family member referrals.
  • When working with Revenx please understand that not 100% of the appointments scheduled will be qualified prospects. That being said you will speak with qualified prospects, on average there is a 10% to 40% closing rate with Revenx. Below are some examples of agents' success rates.

Case Study

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Federal Retirement Appointment Pricing Options

State Retirement Appointment Pricing Options