Using Youtube for Retargeting

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What is Youtube Retargeting?

It's basically when you take traffic that has hit your website and follow them around the internet with more content or pitches.

The basic reason that retargeting exists is that 98% of traffic to your site doesn't convert where you could continue the conversation with them via phone or email.

However, using retargeting, you can utilize other videos on Youtube to add more value and remind visitors to your site to come back to take the next action to bring them one step closer to becoming a client.

Also, because a lot of people now watch Youtube on their TV, you may wind up showing up on their TV, which is pretty cool.

This will help you to build your brand awareness and increase the likelihood that they will remember you and do business with you in the future.

You can also retarget viewers of one video with other videos to help them move through your different content thereby deepening the relationship further.

Here's a link to Google's description on how exactly to set this up.

We work with many businesses to increase their revenues by utilizing not only Youtube remarketing but also Facebook and the Google Display Network.