Technology Eats the World

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This is a message to business owners and those working in businesses.

Technology is coming for your job, your profession, your menial labor, and is coming to free you to do the creative work civilization needs to move forward.

This is a good thing. While many may be afraid of losing their jobs, their roles, etc. now is the time to become a business owner or employee of the future.

Just as the industrial revolution moved 90% of the population from being farmers to working in factories, the current technology revolution will move 90% of the working population into more creative problem-solving roles.

What is this revolution?

It's automation and machine learning (also called AI). While we are still nowhere near real artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning are improving our ability to drive impact using technology.

I currently, using my laptop or phone have the power to drive more impact than at almost any point in history using the right technology.

Using the right technology I can personally make thousands of phone calls, drop millions of voicemails, send tens of millions of emails without having to leave my house and I could probably have it all done within a few hours. This is the power of the right technology.

I even have the ability to utilize technology to help me draft the best subject lines using millions of data points, draft content using AI writers to do my research, and connect automatically with reporters around the world using automated outreach technologies.

If there's one thing that I want to help you with the most is that you need to always be thinking with "What technology can I use to drive even more impact?" or "What technology can I use to automate this function?"

This is something that you should also think with when you partner with other companies to fulfill certain functions you may not be able to fulfill. Why?

The companies that use these technologies are working more efficiently, drive greater results, and will be able to have more competitive prices.

At B2B Business Experts we're using some of the most cutting-edge technologies available for small and medium businesses to increase the impact we're driving for our clients while also guiding our clients on the best technologies to use.

We'll also be coming out with the ultimate list of AI marketing solutions that you'll want to keep an eye out for!