How to Use AI in Marketing

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The whole landscape of marketing has changed thanks to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is ever-present now. It is the technological advancement that defines how businesses approach the digital space. In line with this, more and more companies are reaping the benefits of AI marketing.

However, the challenge remains. How can businesses go about using AI to help improve their marketing? There are a few main ways you can do that.

Why AI Marketing?

Artificial intelligence goes beyond the capability of a human workforce. It can work each task in without having to take a break. In addition, the room for error is minimal as it is a computer completing its instructions with precision.

Even when it can’t be used to replace workers, it can cut out time spent on menial tasks, such as answering the same questions repeatedly. This leaves room in your schedule to focus on tasks that would otherwise get put off due to the demands of day-to-day operations.

Data Collection and Analysis

An AI can collect data from all visitors and customers. One of the most common use cases is monitoring customers’ behaviors once they visit a website. From these patterns, it makes conclusions on what converts and what elements work for success for the business. Data it can gather includes:

  • Location
  • Interactions
  • Conversions
  • Referrals

As it gathers data, businesses can decide to keep what works and make adjustments as needed. AI will show you what is relevant and what works for your business.

AI Directed Advertising

Imagine an AI handling all the spending and adjustment in PPC advertising campaigns. They can adjust spending when necessary and can help lower costs as a result. An AI can help discover new channels and keywords ripe for opportunity. They can also handle A/B testing on their own, without the need for other people.


An AI program can personalize messages and content quickly. This personal touch is added in real-time. As soon as a person enters their information, the AI can process it and change its entire script to fit the new subscriber.

It's a simple yet effective way to improve marketing, considering more and more people today are looking for personalized ads and content. It can make your clientele feel more heard than if they’d received a canned response.

Other Common Applications

Today, we are seeing more and more AI customer service agents that can perform simple tasks such as answering questions. It answers questions customers have and filters more complex interactions to the human team. That’s only one of the ways you can integrate an AI into an app. Here are some others:

  • Language detection and processing
  • Paint and color recognition
  • Simulations
  • Automated sales and marketing

The Future of AI Integration

The only real challenge with AI is that starting with it requires technical expertise. In the past, you needed to invest in a team or a company that could handle building the AI for you. The barrier for entry was a little too much for many small and mid-size businesses.

However, this challenge is quickly shifting as AI is becoming more affordable and accessible. Today, we have access to programs that were once exclusive to large corporations. As such, due to its accessibility and countless benefits, companies today should begin considering AI integration.

If you’d like to get started with AI marketing for your business, check out our rundown on the top AI tools today.