How to Know if We're a Good Fit

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Are you checking out our website and wondering if we might be able to help you? If so you’ve come to the right page.

While we are a marketing agency that targets B2B Businesses (so if you’re targeting other businesses) we’re most likely going to be a good fit.

Here are some qualities for businesses that are good fits for us:

  1. You sell something that is at a higher price point. Something that can cost either in one go, or over the lifetime of the customer, thousands, tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  2. You want to build long-term relationships with your customers.
  3. A CRM would help you.
  4. Your product or service helps the world to be a better place.
  5. You have certainty on the product/service you are trying to sell and just need to get in front of more potential customers.
  6. Ideally, you have a sales or appointment setting team that is just hungry for more prospects.
  7. You believe you can grow your business significantly with more leads.

If you look at the above and think that that describes you and your business then get in touch with us!

However, I want to be clear that there are certain types of businesses that currently aren’t a good fit for us.

  1. If you’re an Enterprise business looking for an Enterprise solution.
  2. You’re an Amazon Business selling on Amazon.
  3. You’re a Franchise Restaurant.
  4. You’ve got a Shopify business with a limited inventory and no relationships with your customers (no consistent brand) or recurring sales.