How to keep a Paid Ads Campaign Succeeding

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So you've done it! You've got a campaign that's a winner! A home run or at least a double! Now what? 

After many years and hundreds of campaigns, I've found that almost every campaign no matter how successful will start to die off.

There are many ways to respond to this, however, knowing that this is bound to happen you can do two things. The first is to try and find another home-run or alternatively you can work to extend the life of the campaign you've found successful.

I recommend doing both, however for this blog I want to share the formula that I've found that works for me to extend the life of a successful campaign. It basically just follows the scientific process however it's helped me to keep campaigns running for months and years beyond the initial success.

Here's the formula that I've found successful:

1. Determine what a successful campaign looks like and set a benchmark of a certain number of leads at a certain price point.

2. Once the campaign fails to hit the benchmark in 3 days, change the creative (image) to something similar but different.

3. Let the campaign run for at least 3-5 days. If it hits the benchmark, great! Let it run and follow back at step #2.

4. If it's not successful do another variation. Again, give it 3-5 days. Same as #3

5. If after 3 variations nothing can hit your benchmarks vary something else. Whether that's the landing page, the copy or the targeting. This will be up to you as you should know your campaign the best.

6. Rinse and repeat to keep a campaign alive.