How AI Marketing Tools Are Changing Copywriting

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Copywriting is a crucial factor in capturing, engaging, and inspiring audiences into action. As the need for content grows, many organizations turn to AI marketing tools to enhance the creative process. Business owners can use AI for several copywriting aspects, from email marketing to website content and social media ads.

The best copywriters are strategic thinkers, marketers, and communicators — factors that AI can enhance. When utilizing AI, copywriters can further elevate customer experiences. Let’s look at how AI tools are taking over the exciting world of copywriting.

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing is the process of using technologies to enhance data collection, observation, and analysis. In most cases, companies use this tool to create content that resonates with targeted audiences.

A MemSQL survey reveals that 61% of marketers claim AI is the most crucial aspect of developing data strategies. In most cases, they use such tools for efficiency, speed, and convenience.

Marketers now use such machines for several purposes, including:

  • Content Generation
  • Personalization
  • Data Analysis
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG)
  • Media Buying

Benefits of Using AI Marketing Tools

People often ask us: Will AI replace copywriters? The answer is a resounding no! Institutions use the latest technologies to assist copywriters in creating next-level content. Let’s look at the benefits such tools provide.

Write High-Quality Copy

AI can help brands come up with new topic ideas. Additionally, AI tools can spot grammar and spelling errors that editors failed to notice. By using the latest technologies, writers can spend less time perfecting content and more time creating emotion-inducing, thought-provoking copy that readers will happily share on their social pages.

Generate Several Content Types Quickly

No matter how fast individuals can type, producing content takes time because they require topic ideas and research. Nowadays, AI can generate copy on demand. However, if you decide to use such tools, your creative input plays a crucial role in the quality of the output. In most cases, you will still have to edit AI-generated content.

Personalize Content

Machines have predictive capabilities that can help brands determine what their readers want to see on their pages. This component enables writers to create tailored content, which dramatically boosts readership. AI can detect attractive keywords and upsetting statements, guiding creators into using the right words and phrases.

Repurpose Content

Brands should only develop content that provides audiences with value. In most cases, marketing departments find themselves talking about the same topics. Through AI tools, companies can create various content types from one source. Whether you need email marketing copy, blog articles, or Facebook ads, technology can help you automate the repurposing process.

Beat Blank Page Anxiety

Content creators often experience black page anxiety when they need to write unique pieces without much direction. When this happens, any content can go in a hundred different directions. With AI on your side, you can research topics your readers enjoy to garner inspiration for your next masterpiece.

Top Copywriting Software

You don’t have to look far to discover AI marketing tools. We made a list of the top software brands that help brands take their copywriting to the next level:


Grammarly is an advanced system that tightens up writing. The free version can spot grammatical errors and misspellings in a few seconds, drastically improving output quality.

The brand offers a premium version that also improves the overall tone of any piece. For us, any Grammarly version is an ideal tool for organizations that take content creation seriously.


Wordsmith is an NLG platform that creates customized narratives from available data. It provides users with an all-in-one writing, editing, and graphics service that boosts effectiveness and accuracy. We recommend this software for creating marketing collateral like social media content, brochures, and training guides.


A content strategy alignment tool, Acrolinx is the perfect solution for branding purposes. Through this software, companies can make sure that every published content adheres to the strictest brand standards.

Acrolinx analyzes several factors before approving content, including tone, style, and language. According to Bulldog Reporter, 60% of millennials expect brand consistency across multiple platforms. This component is essential in building awareness and loyalty.

We actually put together a full list of all of the different AI Marketing Tools on the market today here.

Build Your Customer Base with Exceptional Copywriting

Copywriting aims to boost engagement and loyalty, and AI marketing tools can help brands achieve such goals. At B2B Business Experts, we integrate AI solutions with existing copywriting processes to boost marketing ROI by 20-30% in less than 60 days.

Would you like to learn how we can elevate your copywriting output? Book a free demo now to transform any copy into valuable revenue-generating assets.