Are CRM Migrations Do-able?

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After using your CRM for years, you may think that it is difficult to switch.

You've probably created unique forms, fields, properties, etc. Also, you probably have a ton of information stored that you need in order to continue operating successfully.

Luckily, technology to migrate your information quickly, cheaply, and easily does exist.

Also, often the CRM you're moving to will help you with this. 

The biggest part of the project is:

  1. Really confronting what information you have
  2. Seeing how you have it stored
  3. Looking at how the new system stores the data
  4. Map the Changes from one system to another

 The entire process to migrate will vary with the size of the CRM that you're currently using as well as the number of relationships with the different fields and the integrations you've already got set up.

The short answer is, yes, it's very doable and the costs can be relatively cheap depending on the level of data. The volume is less important as the technology to shift data is not always dependent on how much information, but rather on the relationships and types of information.