4 AI Marketing Tools to Grow your B2B Business

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As AI continues to become better as well as easier to use there are more tools than ever to keep an eye out for and begin to utilize that can expedite your marketing processes while also improving your operations.

The global artificial intelligence market size was valued at 39.9 Billion USD in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 42% through 2027.

What this means for a small business owner is that more and more tools will come to make your business and operations easier. You’ll also be able to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors who don’t move as quickly to take advantage of AI tools.

AI tools help email marketers achieve better deliverability, open rates, click rates and revenue. These are some of the best AI email marketing tools on the market today.

1. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense uses artificial intelligence in order to optimize when and how often your emails should be sent to your email list.

Knowing what day of the week or what time during the day to send an email has long been a problem for email marketers. Now that there are companies like Seventh Sense available, they have the data to make these choices at scale.

While you may have figured out the best time for your list, this is likely not the best time for each person on your list. With their AI-based platform, they are able to figure out when to send the email for each of the emails on your list. 

They also increase deliverability rates by throttling emails as needed and improving your sender reputation with major email providers, which improves your overall deliverability.

Lastly, they also empower your sales and marketing teams to share data on when individual customers or prospects engage with your organization.

This works with both Hubspot and Marketo. 

2. Optimail

Traditional A/B tests compare two emails in isolation, but they don’t look at your contacts as individuals with unique preferences. Plus, A/B tests usually only focus on top-level KPIs like open and click rates.

Optimail uses artificial intelligence to reveal more meaningful insights around your email engagement. It adjusts the timing, content, and personalization of your email campaigns to drive customers toward goals that affect your bottom line – like purchasing, social sharing, and engagement.

Optimail’s AI algorithm learns from your customers’ responses to determine the best send time and email content. It’s proven to increase engagement and reduce spam reports.

3. Phrasee

If you want someone to take the hard work of putting together your perfect email subject line, Facebook ad copy and your text or push notification while staying true to your brand, then you’ve found the right solution with Phrasee.

Phrasee uses its AI-based Natural Language Generation system and uses its data to generate millions of human-sounding copy variants that match your brand voice. Also, the more you use it the more it learns about your brand and results which allows it to generate even better results.

4. Personalize

For Businesses that offer a wide variety of products or services, it’s often important to segment your database and email content based on the interests of your customers.

That’s where Personalize comes in, automating the process of identifying what products or services your customers are using, their top interests, based on their website activity.

This gives your sales and marketing teams the information they need to increase response rates, conversions and increase customer lifetime value.

Pricing starts at $69 a month making this an affordable solution for many small businesses.