Hot, Warm and Cold Traffic Part 3

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Hot, Warm and Cold Traffic

Part 3


Last time we covered examples of different types of content that could be used when marketing to hot, warm and cold traffic. 


Now I want to cover the different types of media that you can take your content to.


The different platforms will continue to change I’ll be working to keep this up-to-date but for right now I’ll cover 3 of the biggest social media platforms plus a bonus platform a lot of us forget about.


We’ll start with the behemoth: 




To understand this platform, we first need to understand their business model. It costs nothing to consume content on Facebook or Instagram. This means that the end user has become the product.


Now, this isn’t as scary as that may sound. In the past, the readers of free newspapers were also the product that was sold to advertisers.

So what does Facebook want?

It wants you to spend as much time on Facebook as possible. It doesn’t want you to go to other platforms and makes it as easy as possible to continue to consume different types of content whether it’s your feed, groups, videos, or the latest feature they’ve brought out.

The consumer on the other hand is there usually to relax, to catch up on what’s happening with their friends and family, or even to catch up on the news.

They’re curious, looking to be entertained, or potentially to be educated. 

So now, you have the two main clients you have to please (Facebook plus the consumer).

Facebook can certainly be used to target cold traffic (Facebook targeting is one of the easiest to learn). The intention here is to generate interest and awareness of the problem.

Ideally, we’ve found this is done with video content. 

Then, you can retarget the audience that has watched the video(s) with content that drives them to take action. Now, this action is usually not to go straight to a purchase (which would be hot traffic) but instead, you can drive them to a free download (where they have to opt-in). 

This can lead them in your funnel to either paid products, a coaching call, or more free opt-in offers. 

Facebook can also be utilized to retarget hot traffic that has hit your site, prospects in your pipeline with content like testimonials, or existing clients with upsell opportunities.

No matter the offer, it should be entertaining or educating as that flows best with what Facebook is looking for.


This is the professional networking platform that professionals utilize to network.

Realize that just like Facebook, LinkedIn wants professionals to continue to LinkedIn as long as possible so the more you add value to LinkedIn the better your ads will run.

For professionals, this is an opportunity to target them based on their professional title, the industry they are in, or the company or type of company they are with. 

Again, similar to Facebook this is a platform where you can target cold traffic to start to build awareness of the problem that your company solves. This is best done with articles or videos.

You can then again retarget with a lead magnet to bring the contact into your database. 

This platform is very similar in its abilities to Facebook, however, it tends to be more expensive, though the targeting can be more precise in regards to job titles.


Google is the best platform for Hot Traffic out of every platform, guaranteed.

This is the platform (unless you’re selling on Amazon) that most businesses and individuals are going to for information on pretty much anything.

I remember my little brother at the age of 3 or 4 saying “Why don’t you just google it?” to my parents when they had a question.

While it was funny (14 years ago) it’s more true now than ever. 

We are living in an age where the consumer and the business owners want and have access to more information than ever before.

And they’re not patient about it either. 

That’s on the consumer side of things (this applies to business owners as well).

For Google, they are looking to build the best results possible for their consumer while also making money.

If you are running PPC (Pay per click or Google Ads) it’s important to run ads toward keywords that are relevant to that search and that the landing page or website you drive traffic to is actually well set up.

Otherwise, Google will penalize you. 

On the organic ranking side of things, you have to position yourself as an authority.

That’s a whole different article but for traffic purposes, you’re usually looking to rank for your company name (hot traffic) as well as for search terms that would indicate that the prospect has the problem that your company solves (cold traffic).


Email? You may not have thought that emails are a platform that would be discussed with regards to traffic however emails are an amazing platform to engage with prospects who’ve opted into your funnel.

Also, there is also a technology that allows you to email prospects that have never opted-in to your audience which allows you to target cold traffic and generate leads without having to utilize the other social media platforms. The platform I recommend is, they seem to be the leader in that space currently.

In regards to prospects that opt-in from warm traffic, this is the perfect opportunity to warm them up even more with content, videos, extra lead magnets or offers to move them to becoming hot traffic.