Hot, Warm, and Cold Traffic for B2B Businesses Part 1

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Is all traffic created equal?


There’s traffic from customers who want to potentially buy something else from you.

There’s traffic from prospects who’ve talked to you who haven’t purchased anything yet.

And then there’s traffic from people who’ve never heard of you.

Even that breaks down further. 

There’s traffic that is looking for your solution as they’re aware of the problem that they have.

There’s traffic that’s aware of the problem but doesn’t know the solution that they’re looking for. 

And then there’s traffic that’s unaware that they even have a problem.

Let’s break this down with a very transparent example working our way toward the hottest traffic.

Let’s take a look at a business that’s in startup mode. They aren’t worried about their finances at all nor their bookkeeping and they’re not doing any bookkeeping or accounting of their finances. 

Next, they may come to a point where they are aware that they should probably have some sort of records of their finances to see where they’re at and how much they can spend on certain things. This person is now becoming warmer.

Now they may not know if they should be looking for an accounting firm, a bookkeeper, an outside agency or hiring someone internally. They’ll next do some research or ask some of their friends to see where they should go next.

Let’s say they decide to go with finding a bookkeeping agency that’s local to them. They’ve now become hot traffic for that company.

Of course, they may not sign up with the first company they speak with but anyone that your business has spoken with is easier to talk to again than someone who has never spoken with your business. 

Lastly, once they sign up with you, it’ll be easier to sign up for more services you have (especially if you deliver an amazing or great result).

You may think the above is quite obvious.

And to a certain extent, it is.

However, it’s important to understand that so that when you’re working with a marketing agency or your marketer that they are not only targeting the hot traffic (easiest traffic, really) but are also working on the marketing towards the warm and cold traffic.

Also, it’s vital to not forget about marketing to people who’ve spoken to you once or who’ve signed up with you.

That’s often forgotten by many marketing departments or agencies. 

There’s real gold sitting there.

Whether it’s just sending them an email or it’s retargeting these names on Facebook/Google to reach them more often.

In the next part of this series on types of traffic, we’ll go more in-depth on the types of campaigns that work best for each type of traffic.