2 AI Analytics Tools to Help you Understand your Marketing

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With more information available to Marketers than ever before it has become harder than ever to get true insights into the data that you have that is actionable. I did some research and found two solutions that are using cutting edge technology to provide simple, clear information.


What Is It?

Oribi is an all-in-one marketing analytics platform that empowers businesses to make better, data-driven decisions with the help of powerful features and expert optimization guidance. It provides companies with clear answers on insights and trends by highlighting the information they need.

What makes Oribi unique is users do not have to hire developers to get started. It allows them to become fully independent since it does all the heavy lifting on their behalf. Every vital metric is automatically tracked and conversion goals are defined without the need to code.

Who Is It For?

Oribi is for any business that wants to leverage a wide range of marketing analytics tools in one platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

Oribi plans start at $945 per month for business websites, $810 per month for ecommerce shops, and $1,350 per month for marketing agencies. They also have a free trial to see if this would be a good solution for you.


What Is It?

PaveAI is a tool that allows companies to convert their Google Analytics data into actionable insights and reports using their proprietary AI algorithm technology. The platform analyzes the goals of a business and provides a customized report that they can use right away.

PaveAI uses a data science algorithm that looks into millions of possible combinations that identify vital insights across all of your marketing channels. It then supplies you with data-driven recommendations that guide you on how you can increase your company’s ROI.

Who Is It For?

PaveAI is for businesses of all sizes that want to use an AI-powered platform that can analyze their Google Analytics and marketing data to provide them with actionable reports.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing varies for Agencies, SMBs, or Enterprise but starts at as little as $39/Month (if you commit annually).

There you have it. Take a look at those if you're wasting a ton of time using Google Analytics or your CRM isn't giving you clear insights into your information.